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Karen Alsop is an international award winning Australian, Melbourne based photographic digital artist. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world.

Specialising in Portrait Art, her digital portraiture captures the personality and character of her subjects by placing them within a visual story highlighting their interests. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art.

The Heart Project, founded in January 2016 by Karen, sees her using her compositing skills to give children with severe disabilities the wings to fly. The Heart Project, a joint partnership between Story Art and Adobe Australia is bringing hope worldwide to children and families through the power of photography

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* International Award Winner

* Featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Take 5 Magazine, Daily Mail, Mashable, Buzz Feed, The Today Show, Vanity Fair, PetaPixel, FStoppers, .Mic, Kidspot, Practical Parenting, MSN, Yahoo, 89.9 LightFM, 3AW, Reddit, and many more.

* The Heart Project founder

* International Educator and Keynote Speaker

* Incite Speaker (AIPP Event)

* Adobe Max Instructor (USA)

* Adobe Make It Instructor (APAC)

* Adobe Symposium Keynote Speaker

* PhotoPlus Speaker (USA)

* 2016 Advertising Australian Photographer of the Year Finalist

* 2016 WPPI Wedding Contemporary of the Year First Place

* 2015 Victorian AIPP Epson Signature Worthy Award Recipient

* Refocus Retreat Organiser and Keynote Speaker

* NZIPP Keynote Speaker

* CreativeLive Educator

* Photoshop Cafe Author

* AIPP Master of Photography - M.Photog

* WPPI Associate Member

* SWIPP Member

* NZIPP Member

* Internationally Published in Print and Online (Better Photography, Capture Magazine)

* Featured on Television (Snap Happy TV, CNN and The Today Show, The Project, Ch 7 News, Ch. 9 News)

* Featured on Photobizx (x 2)

* Adobe Influencer (Adobe APAC)

* Sponsored by EIZO

* Wacom Ambassador (Wacom Australia)

* Sponsored by Canson Infinity

* Sponsored by Tether Tools

* Supported by Nikon Australia

* Smugmug Ambassador

* Author of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The Get Well Tree’

* Feature educator at Amersham Studios UK

* Supported by Kayell Australia

* Keynote Speaker for EIZO

* Child Photo Competition repeat winner

* Snap Happy TV features Season 1 and Season 3 with appearance Season 2

* Two decades of Photography and Graphic Art experience

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